Accessories man own

10 Accessories that Every Man Should Own

As scouts, we should “be prepared” for some situations, good or bad. Here we list Ten accessories that every man should have his own, from occasional to frequent usage; nothing too unusual. Some are unavoidable, and many Internet lists mention them, but some are decidedly intriguing.

1. A Watch

Accessories man own

The first one is a good watch.

We’ve spoken about watches in the past showing you the steps you need to take to choose the right watch. From a metal watch to a leather dress watch the choices are endless. The one important thing is that you need to have at least 1 watch in your wardrobe.

Wearing a good watch can make a subtle statement. A good watch can lead to compliments alongside starting conversations.

You want to choose a watch that’s going to fit in with your day to day style. If you’re going to invest in a Rolex but you work on a building site day today, it’s probably not the best watch to go for. To find a watch that’s going to fit in with your day to day style and then you can wear it time and time again.

2. A Pocket Square

Accessories man own

A pocket square is a good way of adding color or adding print and even a different fabric to a blazer or to a suit jacket.

Typically the suit jacket or the blazer that you’re going to wear is going to be plain. From a classic Navy blazer to a Charcoal Grey suit jacket, a pocket square can inject some color when needed

If I was you, I would try and invest in maybe a few different colors, but you have to also think about your style, is it something that you’re going to be wearing often? If not, just invest in a really good white pocket square, and then maybe one with a little bit of color.

3. A Leather Bag

Accessories man own

Don’t ignore the importance of a good bag. I’ve seen a lot of men that are looking stylish but they’ve got an ugly rucksack on their back.

Invest in a really well-made leather bag, which is going to look very elegant and it’s also going to be very practical. I’ve got one bag that’s really my go-to, it’s a simple leather holdall that I can get my everyday essentials in.

I also have a leather duffle bag which is more casual and something I use for the gym. Accessories every man should own.

4. A Pair of Sunglasses

Accessories man own

Don’t stuff your pockets or turn to the nearest canvas rucksack. Rather, invest in a good leather bag and it will make any outfit more elegant.

Being from the UK, we don’t get to wear sunglasses very often. But even if you don’t get the weather, you still need a good pair in your wardrobe for holidays and the winter sun.

Personally, I recommend that you spend a little bit more money on sunglasses. Invest in quality, don’t just invest in the brand, but investing in quality will mean that you don’t have to keep buying new sunglasses every season. Accessories every man should own.

5. Stylish Socks

Accessories man own

You obviously need to have a few pairs of socks in your wardrobe but don’t neglect the socks that you’re wearing on your feet.

I’ve seen a lot of guys that are wearing a really nice suit, but they neglect the socks they’re wearing and opt for wearing white athletic socks. Don’t do it, it isn’t a good look.

Remember it’s all about the finer details. The socks you wear on your feet play a part in your overall style. Opt for a few pairs, a few that inject color, and a few that are classic and will go with most outfits.

A good choice of socks is an easy way to make a subtle statement and express a little bit more personality.

6. A Sleek Wallet

If you’re buying someone a drink and you pull out your fabric Spiderman wallet, it’s not going to go down very well. So invest in a good leather wallet.

Again focus on quality and you’ll be able to keep the same wallet for years to come. Alongside a wallet, I’d also recommend getting a cardholder as well. With cards being more prominent for transactions now, a cardholder is more slimline but it still looks stylish. Accessories every man should own.

7. Dopp Kit

This item goes great with your weekender bag. Again, doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to another city or to the gym. A Dopp kitt is essential because it’ll keep your grooming products organized and contained in a respectable manner. Accessories every man should own.

8. White Low Top Sneakers

Everyone has casual days, and white sneakers look so sharp on every guy regardless of your age or body type. If you’re really scared of wearing white, or think that it doesn’t look right, ease yourself into it with a nice low-top lace-up black or navy sneaker.

9. Black and Brown Oxford or Derby Shoes

Accessories men own

Not only do these oxford dress shoes look great with your suit, but they also look nice with chinos, jeans, and trousers when you want to dress up a more casual outfit.

10. Black and Brown Leather Belts

Whenever you’re wearing jeans, chinos, Shorts, or Suits, throw on a leather belt because it’ll add a visually nice touch to your outfit.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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