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10 Methods To Spot High-Quality Clothes

Buying clothes is hard and to determine the quality of the clothes is even harder. Well, there are some methods which you can use to spot high-quality clothes and just save yourself from buying another piece of junk?

Let’s take a look at these methods:

1. Highly finished jean cuff seams

In order to determine the quality of jeans, there are a few steps that should be followed:

First, Turn the jean cuff inside out.

Second, Take a look at the In-seam of the jean.

high quality clothes

High-quality jeans tend to be stitched opposite to each other, as shown above in the picture.

high quality clothes
Cheap Denim jeans

Whereas, In cheap clothes, the seam is stitched to each other.

2. YKK zipper

A zipper, probably the most important yet insignificant part of the cloth. In addition, used to determine the quality.

YKK Zipper is the best quality zipper available in the market. Companies that produce high-quality products usually use YKK zipper. Conversely, Shabby companies tend to supply low-cost clothes by cheapening out on zippers(And yes zippers are supplied by other companies). So keep an eye for the YKK zipper.

3. Durable polo seams

The In-seams of polo T-Shirts should be plain without any threads sticking out and make sure there is no loose part of the in-seam. Always, ALWAYS pay attention to the details which are an important factor for determining the value of particular clothing.

4. Details

Look for the little details like its stitching of shirts, pants, coats or the soles of a shoe and its material. These parts are usually the ones in which a person should invest in as these affect the wear of clothes.

When an item is handmade, there are usually time-intensive details and require a great level of care that is put into the crafting of the item.

It shows that the company/brand/manufacturer didn’t cut corners.

5. Fabric

Keep in mind these rules for determining the quality through its fabric:

  • Is it soft?
  • Could this stretch?
  • Does it lose its shape?

First and second questions determine the quality but even some cheap clothes have these knocked down so here comes the third, the shape – If it indeed loses its shape then it is not a high-quality cloth. Although some companies may neglect the first option and focus on the other two.

6. Shoe Quality

high quality clothes

To check the quality of a shoe, you should pay close attention to the Shoe leather quality and how the upper part is attached to the sole. Also, If there is stitching make sure it has been done perfectly and there are no loose threads.

Sole is another indicator of high-quality clothes with this in mind, Make sure that the sole is of high quality and not build with cheap material.

Cracks – Does the shoe have major creases and cracks in the toe? Creases are inevitable but if the shoe creases really easily and quickly, this is an indication of low-quality leather.

7. Dress shirt shoulder fabric

A shirt’s aligned perfectly shoulder fabric without any kind of irregularity is a great indicator to check the Genuity. These perfectly aligned shoulder fabric indicated that a lot of time and effort has been put into a particular piece of clothing.

8. Suit functioning buttonholes, kissing buttons, and pick stitching

In a suit, Not only the fabric and stitch of a suits matter but also the buttonholes of a suit should be stitched perfectly. Also, These show that a lot of attention has been given to the details of a particular suit.

9. T-shirt collar

You can tell a lot about a t-shirt from its collar. Hence, If the collar of a t-shirt flops around or just keeps, It is probably a cheap t-shirt.

10. Explore different brands

Don’t fall into the mindset that expense or logos equate to high quality. , Try out different brands and find out the different brands that suit you.

The old adage that says “you get what you pay for” is not always accurate however, in the case of clothing, it can point you in the right direction.

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