10 Things Stylish Men NEVER Do | Style Mistakes

We all make so-called fashion blunders. Fashion is something that is always changing it’s hard to keep track. But there always some style mistakes by men which are never acceptable and never will be.

Give a look at the list:

1| Never wear jeans with butt bling

Style Mistakes Men

Have you ever seen guys who wear jeans that sparkles on their butt? and yes, I get how that sounds. To be honest, I shouldn’t even you telling that those jeans are the worst thing you can do to style and sometimes your reputation. These look as ridiculous as anything can be.

So keep in mind that everything that shines may not always be good for you and yes, lose those jeans and if you have never worn them, well keep it that way.

2| Never Wear deep v-neck T-Shirts

I get it, you have been working out, hitting the gym hard, lifting, gaining and you want to show it off. Here’s the truth, it doesn’t look good or manly. It justs look you are trying too hard or making it obvious that you don’t anything other than those pecs.

Remember that a man’s outfit shows his goal, so deep v-necks are probably not the way to go.

3| Never Wear worn-out underwear

I shouldn’t even have to tell you this that the worn-out old underwear with holes and whose elastic doesn’t even hold onto the waist should be thrown away. Respect yourself enough to treat yourself better.

4| Never Wear offensive tee shirts

I know you like these graphic tees because through these you like to express your individuality but to be honest, But these tees may not always be suitable for certain situations. These tees also make you look immature and without a vision. You should instead go for solid-colored T-shirts.

Bonus Tip- Solid color tees never go out of style

5| Never Wear Belts pasts its go-by date

Holding on to the same piece of leather that holds your pants around your waist may not be the best thing to do. It doesn’t matter if the belt still works, it has holes in it and has been worn out by years of wear and tear THROW IT AWAY.

6| Never cover their crotch with untucked shirts

Certain shirts (Mostly Formals) are meant to be always tucked in. Untucking them make you sloppy and out of style. A shirt’s meant to untuck it should only be at your crotch’s length not covering it entirely.

7| Never store sunglasses on their head

I think wearing sunglasses on the head is a move that shows disrespectfulness so to avoid that remember a rule when you don’t need your sunglasses you have 3 seconds to take those off. It’s that easy – take them off, fold them and put them in your pocket.

8. Never wear black suits

Black suits should be only worn for formal events. Else you should go Navy, Grey or even Tan is quite a good look on some people.

9| Never forget to accessorize

Accessories are the most important of anyone’s style and can be used to express a person’s individuality. Like a watch represents that a man is responsible – always punctual and takes care of themselves quite well.

10| Never Button the top shirt button

A shirt’s top button should never be buttoned if you don’t have to wear a tie. it’s supposed to be unbuttoned for casual affairs and also it kind of makes you look weird.

So that’s it. This should help you for now and we’ll keep adding stuff to the list of style mistakes that men make so subscribe to our newsletter.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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