10 Things Stylish Men Never Wear | Men Style Mistakes

As I said earlier, Don’t forget that personal style is a journey and like any journey, it’s bound to have a few bumps along the way, the important part is learning from your mistakes and figuring out what works best just for you. Now, pay close attention to these mistakes because these are so common and are often ignored but stylish men never make them.

Big, Baggy Bombers Jackets

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Ideal Bomber Jacket Fit

It shouldn’t be too bulky, and it should fit you right and remember the more fit it is, the hotter you will be(not like a big puffy marshmallow). Also, when you are shopping for a new one always size down, and remember that if you want to buy it in leather, leather will stretch as you wear it more often.

Lint, Dust, Pet Hair on Peacoats

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Removing Lint

Lint, dust, and pet hair never pleased anyone and never will. Not only does it make you look bad but it also shortens the life cycle of a coat. Always use a lint roller each and every time you wear one.

Long Button-up Shirts Worn Untucked

The ideal height for your shirt, if you wear it untucked, should be above your crotch it shouldn’t cover your crotch. Long shirts make you look short and baggy. Always nail the fit.

Neon colors

Neon colors are loud and obnoxious. The only thing these clothes achieve is to show people your desperation for attention. These are the most unstylish clothes a person can wear.

Oversized and Bulky Watches

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Oversized Watch Small Wrist

A watch is an accessory that should compliment your wrist and not fully cover it. Clunky and ugly watches are not stylish. That being said, pay attention to the size of your wrist and choose the dial size accordingly.

Bulging Backpacks

men style
Leather Briefcase

I know they are functional but these are not something stylish men would wear. Rather than these big bulging backpacks go for a crossbody bag or briefcase instead.

Too Many Patterns In One Outfit

Your clothes should only have up to 2 patterns anything more than that looks like you are trying too hard. With a patterned suit of stylish men, the tie can have a pattern as long as the pocket square and shirt are solid.

Too Many Buttons

Suits should have only up to 2 buttons. Suits that have either 1 or 3 buttons are outdated.

Too Much Man Cleavage

Ugly Man Cleavage

Nobody likes to see your cleavage, It either looks ugly or if you are very fit, makes you look pretentious. Keep in mind that mid-pec is the limit.

Wearing earphones when having a conversation

When you talking with someone you should pay all of your attention to them. You look rude like you’re not paying attention


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