10 Things That Make Men Look Immature

Do you feel like people don’t take you seriously? Do people respect you? You may be viewed as immature which makes people not take you seriously, think you’re not responsible and reliable, To sum up, they don’t respect you. There’s one thing that men should not be considered that’s being immature.

1. Don’t play games with women that you like

If you want the girl, don’t play around, ignore or neglect her. Also, Just grow a pair and seize the senorita!

2. Do not hold grudges

Talk it out & don’t harbor resentment. Everyone makes a mistake and deserves an extra chance. In conclusion, Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. And only immature men hold grudges.

3. Don’t get in fights

Instigating a fight is for idiots. Above all, real men have the courage to just walk away.

4. Do not use profanity

Using profanity doesn’t make you cool but it does make you look like a jerk, an idiot also, a living piece of crap.

5. Do NOT drink and drive!

immature men

If you want to drink, drink responsibly and don’t drive on your own after drinking instead, use Uber, Lyft, and rideshares.

6. Don’t dress like a douche!

Firstly, Don’t wear offensive or weird tees, these have never been cool and never will be, Secondly, don’t tilt your hat, and third, don’t sag your pants.

7. Do not complain

If you don’t like something about yourself don’t just sit and sulk, get off your a*s. Most importantly, make sh!t happen.

8. Don’t spend too much time on po*n

If it interferes with your daily activities, certainly, get it in check.

9. Do not get upset over insignificant things

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Learn to ignore the small things which don’t play a significant role in your life. To clarify, focus on the good stuff.

10. Don’t say one thing and then do something else

Be a man of your word. That doesn’t mean you have to do every time somebody asks you to do something. In other words, have the ability to say ‘no’ as well.

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