10 Things Women Notice First In A Man

Every guy thinks that women only pay attention to famous actors with chiseled jaw or a man with never-ending resources, you can be far from the truth. If you nail that first impression when you walk into a room women will easily notice you. That’s why in this article I’m going to give you the ten things a woman notices about a man first or what qualities attractive men have.

1| Women Notice Your Face

No debates here. If you retain your face in its best form – it means you are taking care of yourself. What you actually need are good grooming habits. you would like to point out to the women your well-maintained facial hair (whether it’s short stubble or a full-grown beard). or even you favor a clean-shaven look just confirm there are not any post-shave bumps or red marks plaguing your face. then there’s the skin itself. Some guys still think they’re ‘too manly’ for skincare. They await an acne outbreak or pain issue before seeking treatment. the reality is, it’s every man’s responsibility to seek out the proper lotion, cleanser, or anti-aging cream to stay his skin healthy 24/7.

2| Women Notice Your Smile

The most important part of your face is so valuable it’s worth talking about separately. A captivating smile is a “welcome” sign that you’re waving from afar in a woman’s direction. Combine that smile with seductive eye contact and a confident posture? You’re well on your way to impressing a woman.

3| Women Notice Your Silhouette

Here the term silhouette refers to the outline of your body PLUS your clothing. Women are unsurprisingly drawn to a hyper-masculine silhouette:

  • A built-up chest.
  • Lean torso.
  • Strong shoulders.

A structured jacket adds subtle padding to the wearer’s shoulders, making them appear larger and broader. A fitted jacket tapers towards the middle to give the wearer the appearance of a leaner torso.

4| Women Notice Your Style

attractive men

We are taught growing up never to judge a book by its cover. The truth is though, women (and men for that matter) make judgments and assumptions based on what they wear.

Also consider what your clothes say about your status, lifestyle and personality. Make an effort to choose clothes that send positive messages like maturity, sophistication, and passion.

5| Women Notice The Details

Any man who understands the basics of men’s style can find good shirts, jackets, and pants. To really stand out and impress a woman, you have to sharpen the small details and things attractive men pay attention to:

  • Hairstyle
  • Eyewear
  • Watches/Jewelry
  • Shoes

6| Women Notice Your Mannerisms

Nail the greeting. This small act sets the tone for everything else that follows.

  • Offer a firm handshake.
  • Make solid eye contact.
  • Smile!

Communicate to a woman that you are giving her your full attention. Take just a few seconds to acknowledge her presence. Make her believe you’re invested in courting her.

7| Women Notice Your Hands

Always wash your hands and take care of your nails before an event. Even better, build it into your daily routine. Moisturize your hands so your hands have great skin.

8| Women Notice Your Fragrance

attractive men

Studies prove that smelling great and wearing cologne makes you more attractive to women. Get into the habit of routinely wearing a fragrance.

9| Women Notice Your Voice & Language

It’s about self-development. Expand your knowledge and vocabulary. Set yourself apart from guys who always talk like they’re at a football game.

You’re aiming to show women you’re relatable, that there is no ‘intellectual barrier’ between the two of you. How enthusiastic you sound and whether you say “No” or “I’ve heard of that” when she mentions a topic – all these factors come into play.

10| Women Notice Your Body Language

Like your voice, body language can be more powerful than whatever clothes you are wearing. Avoid any closed-off, negative or aggressive gestures that can catch a lady off guard. Particularly if a woman is getting to know you, even a subtle finger wag or angled neck can make the wrong first impression. Remind yourself every now and then to keep your arms unfolded. Over time understand how attractive men can use body language to signal positivity and openness all the time. It will take practice and a conscious effort at first but before you know it you’ll be using positive body language without realizing it.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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