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13 Best Casual Outfits for Men – Men’s Style

There are few guys who don’t aspire to one day own a walk-in wardrobe filled with every type of outfit but we’re often in the dark as to how to get there. For the remainder, Casual Outfits for men are a necessary evil: an insurance policy for professionals (In today’s world) and social occasions that you want to spend the bare minimum on.

Whichever camp you fall into, allow us to illuminate you. This is the Indian Gent guide to building a tailoring wardrobe. Not in the IKEA sense, more along the lines of what to buy, and in what order, to most economically cover your event bases and get maximum bang for your sartorial buck.

Here are some of the best Outfits we found for you:

Tip: Keep the top and bottom balanced.

A sleek, streamlined jacket and a simple shirt, don’t wear big, fuzzy pants with lots of texture. Similarly, don’t pair a cable-knit sweater with ultra-fine wool slacks. Stay consistent all the way up and down.

casual outfits for men
casual outfits for men
casual outfits for men
casual outfits for men

Tip: Understand contrast.

It will help you get the right amount in your outfits

casual outfits for men
casual outfits for men

Tip: Make Minimalism Work

Remember to take care of the selection of accessories, too. In fact, A man wearing a tee is a decidedly minimalist statement, and your accessories should reflect that. But, That doesn’t mean you can’t show off your personality, but you do need to practice a bit of restraint. Aim to strike a balance somewhere between the disappointing “not enough going on” and the embarrassing “way too much going on” zones. With ties and pocket squares, the sweet spot lies in choosing subtle textures overbold patterns.

As for shirts, you can go black-on-black but remember it is possible to overdo it. Light-colored shirts can really make black casual outfits pop for men. Now that you have been properly briefed, go out and get stylish!

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