5 Shaving Mistakes to Avoid – Guide for Men

Take this chance to discover the common mistakes that are made during shaving and how to avoid or fix them.


1|Neglecting Pre-Shaving Prep

A flawless shaving experience requires diligence. To end things right, everyone has to do it right from the start.

If you make shaving mistakes from the beginning, you will definitely screw up in the end. That is why carefully done preparation is necessary. This is the first step and should be done before anything else.

applying lather

2|Not Applying Lather Before Shaving

Shaving over the un-lathered skin is a big red flag because you are putting yourself at risk for nicks and cuts. A rough and rigid stubble requires more effort and extra strokes to clear out because of friction and resistance.

That is why lather is so important because it provides smooth lubrication for the blade to glide along easily. It also forms a protective cushion between the razor and the skin.

shaving mistakes

3| Positioning The Blade At A Wrong Angle

It’s 30 degrees. Though some experienced shavers opened between 35-45 degrees. But 30 degrees is what most people agree on. However, finding the 30-degree angle is challenging.

Unlike cartridge razors which automatically pivot and adjust easily to the contour of the face, a DE safety razor has a fixed head.

One trick is to place the safety razor’s head perpendicular to the skin at 90 degrees, and then gently and slowly roll it down to 30 degrees until you feel the hair is sleekly and smoothly cut in one continuous glide.

shaving mistakes

4| Excessive Pressure With Multiple Passes

A lot of guys are guilty of these habits. They think that applying more pressure and strokes will get the job done without any consequences.

People make the mistake of over stroking and putting a lot of pressure over one area in order to achieve the same result or even close to it.

5| Not Shaving With The Grain

The grain is slang for the natural growth direction of your hair. To find out where your grain is, simply stroke the hair with your finger in one direction. Then to the other, and feel for yourself which one has a smoother touch.

The opposite direction is called “against the grain” which is rougher, coarse. Avoid it and stay smoother and with the grain direction.

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