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5 Ways To Wear A Cardigan | Cardigan Outfits For Men

In my opinion, there is no sweater as versatile as the cardigan. Some may come close, but the cardigan outfits for men will win every time. This is why it’s an essential piece of every man’s wardrobe.

the cardigan is a perfect fusion of the two and can be a perfect alternative to a jacket. Ideal for the cooler months, it’s a great tool for layering so you can seamlessly move from a cooler environment to a warmer place.

1| Weekend Casual

In the late spring, summer and early fall, cardigan outfits are perfect for men for the not-too-hot days when you’re just not sure how the weather will hold up. Lightweight cardigans in brighter colors such as yellow, mint green, pink, cerulean blue and heather grey are perfect options for the office if a suit is too formal or a blazer too warm

2| Business Layering

cardigan outfits men

In the cooler, but not-too-cold months, slightly heavier cardigans – or even the lightweight – cardigans, make great options for layering without the need for a coat. Not only that, but they are also a sartorially sound strategy for dressing in season.

3| Creative Layering

cardigan outfits men

Wear it with a t-shirt underneath for a casual jaunt in the park, or pair it with a dress shirt and tie for Sunday dinner with your future in-laws.

4| Blazer Substitute

cardigan outfits men

As you know, I speak a lot about versatility. And how it is one of the most valuable features of a good suit. It naturally helps if you can wear the same suit in different ways.  Once again, this helps you especially when you are still building up your wardrobe and rotation of suits and jackets. Or if you are traveling a lot.

5| Everyday Casual

cardigan outfits men

In the coldest months of the year, a cardigan not only serves as a fashionable garment but as a functional cold-weather piece to keep you warm. Consider thicker cable knit cardigans with a shawl collar in deep reds, navy blue, holiday green or other festive colors. Greys and browns work equally well.

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