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6 Things Any Guy Can Do to Have a Better Beard

It sometimes can be hard to grow a beard and can be really stressful. I have seen guys with patches who say these patches don’t bother then, but I can see on their faces that it does and they are desperate for having a full beard. So We summed up all the steps to it be fuller

Simple Steps to Your BEST Growth

1. Eat your vitamins

better beard

Eating a lot of food with vitamin A leads to more cell growth in your body which directly affects beard growth. Biotin, found in eggs, is also a badass supplement by stimulating hair growth and strengthen the hair shaft. Other than vitamin A, calcium, iron, and magnesium are great.

2. Work out

Resistance training stimulates your body to release more testosterone. More testosterone leads to better hair growth which results in great growth for your beard.

3. Trimming

Always trim the neckline and upon your cheeks, Your beard will look thicker by removing the long straggly neck. Always define your boundaries.

This will also give a shape that will show off your jawline.

4. Regular brushing with a boar bristle brush

better beard

It stimulates growth and trains hair to grow in the right direction. And if you grow your beard long enough you can also camouflage patchy areas.

5. Moisturize and condition

Same as your face, the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized to prevent any chin flake and dandruff which can deteriorate your hair growth so try moisturizing and conditioning it with beard oil.

6. Let your facial hair grow

For the last, You just need to let it grow for 1-month (except your neck and upon your cheeks) to see what you’re actually working with.

This step is important ’cause you need all the details in order to move ahead for the growth process.

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