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6 Tips For Getting Rid of Dark Circles

We all have had those long nights where we can’t sleep generally or because of work and those long nights took a toll on our face -Dark Circles. Now, There can various reasons for dark circles some of which are lack of rest, poor diet, stress, worry, or maybe even genetics could flame this fire of the precocious circles around your eye.

Dark circles tend to age the appearance of a person. And while wrinkles or gray hair are a mark of modest aging, dark circles are not.

In order to avoid or get rid of dark circles all, you need to do is to:

Drink plenty of water

Dehydrated skin can cause dark circles to appear. The more water you consume, the less chance there is of black eye syndrome.

Other than necessary for living, It also serves several benefits:

  • It carries nutrients to the cells which allow the body to stay well hydrated.
  • The transportation vehicle to get the vitamins and nutrients to the right places
  • Flushes the system and leads to excretion of the harmful toxins

Get more sleep

dark circles

Not getting enough sleep causes the skin around the eyes to look darker. Lack of sleep causes the skin to be paler and reduces circulation. To combat this, get approximately 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

To the best extent possible, remove all sleep barriers and things that will hinder and hamper your ability to rest well. If you are still unable to get the minimum sleep. Consider taking a multivitamin which will help you absorbing nutrients while you sleep.

Use An Anti-Aging Cream

Since the fat deposits under the eyes erode as you get older, anti-aging creams are a great solution. These can often slow down the aging process as these packed with a lot of nutrients. Over the counter, products work flawlessly but if it’s a medical condition you may need to look at getting a stronger prescription formula.

Eye creams whether a prescription grade or over-the-counter can potentially have a lasting effect.

Good Diet & Exercise

Vitamin deficiencies are reasons for a lot of cosmetic issues. Some of these are dark circles and puffiness which occur with a lack of vitamin K, deficiency in B12, or insufficient antioxidants.

Vitamin K helps prevent skin discoloration and increases the elasticity of the skin while Vitamin B12 is essential for the repairing of skin cells. Eat plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, and potassium-rich foods and reduce salt intake.

Also, regular exercise will increase the blood flow to every part of the body including the eyes. Blood flow will help nourish the skin cells and keep them vital.

Treat The Allergy

Allergies are well-known culprits of skin discoloration under the eyes. Most seasonal allergies can be effectively treated with over the counter meds. However, if the allergy is from food, gluten intolerance, or chemical, avoid it.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your sinuses. A stuffy nasal passage can cause the veins around your sinuses to become darkened and result in dark circles under your eyes.

Direct Applications

Young beautiful man smiling hiding eye behind cucumber slice over white background. Beauty spa and cosmetology concept.

Use some sort of cold compress over your eyes(Never go with ice).

Use teabags for the application on eyes as teas high in caffeine have long been used as a natural treatment for dark circles and puffy eyes. Of course, the tea bags should be steeped, then cool in a refrigerator or freezer before applying over each closed eye.

If tea bags are not an option for you, chilled cucumbers have also been used and are known to be equally effective.

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