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7 Beard Mistakes Men Make | Beard Growth

Beards have been in the trend for ages and probably will be for a long time, So here are some tricks to avoid any beard growth mistakes.

1| Ignoring Natural Growth Patterns

Beard growth happens in different angles for different people, if your beard is too thin and carved out, it will surely look bad. Have your beard grow in, and then clean up the edges. Trim it across the cheek boundries and upto to your neckline.

2| Shaving Under Jaw

Shaving till right under your jawline does not look that good, shave it till your neckline for a more refined and fuller look.

Beard Growth

3| Having a Poor Sideburn Transition

A hard-line between the beard and sideburns look terrible. It’s all about fading and blending. Make sure your side burns are blend in with your beard, trim them at the same setting.

4| Experiencing Chin Flakes

Beard dandruff is a thing, so it’s critical to moisturize the skin under the hair. Use moisturizer for this part, make sure your skin under your beard is hydrated.

5| Scratchy Beard

One of the drawbacks of a beard is its scratchiness. Use beard oil to make my beard hair softer and get rid of the scratchiness. If your beard is longer, go with a beard balm. Emulsify the beard balm and then run it through your beard.

6| Giving Up

Beard Growth

Growing a beard takes time, days, if not weeks. Men have a tendency to lose patience and shave it off altogether. Whereas, To see results, let your facial hair grow for 4-weeks to see what happens. Allow it to get long enough to cover all the patchy areas.

7| Not Brushing Your Beard

Brush your beard on a daily basis. Brushing helps to train the hair to lay in the direction you want, which you can make your beard appears thicker and cover patchy spots. Brushing also stimulates blood flow to the surface, promoting hair growth. If your beard is patchy and thin, let it grow and after 4 weeks, trim it short.

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