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7 Common Things Ruining Your Confidence

One of the biggest factors that are ruining your confidence in your own self. We tore our confidence down by nitpicking everything about ourselves and all we are able to do by that is making more mistakes. Don’t derail & destroy your confidence take a look at these mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

1. Comparing yourself to other people

Ruining Confidence

The worst thing you can do to your confidence is to compare yourself to others. People tend to focus too much on someone’s one good thing, neglecting all their flaws and start to put themselves down. You should also limit your exposure to social media where people only let you see the Awesome(Never actually true) stuff in their lives. Fight the urge to surf through social media.

2. Snooping on your significant other

It’s the first thing that makes you feel less confident about yourself. If you start, it’s incredibly hard to stop. You may also find something you will take out of context and could lead to the destruction of the whole relationship. Remember, relationships are built on trust. Don’t breach that trust.

3. Not loving the package your presenting to the world

Ruining Confidence

We unconsciously tore down our own confidence when we keep digging for our imperfections. And, Keep letting ourselves down no matter how small our imperfections may be. In fact, To make your appearance better all you need to do is to pay attention to your grooming game, your breath, and your smell. For one thing, Wear an incredible fragrance.

4. Overthinking everything

There’s nothing wrong with thinking things through, but overthinking can cause a lack of action. If you try and fail? Get back up and into the race. One of the worst enemies of confidence, overthinking leads to negativity. It twists things around, makes you worry, and makes everything appear so much worse than it actually is. Surprisingly, when you give overthinking up you will see how many problems it causes that keep ruining your confidence.

5. Not getting over past failures

Ruining Confidence
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You need to realize that the past is in the past. You can’t change the past, but find strength and hope in the fact that you can always change today. And, remember the opportunity is in front of you.

6. Hanging out with losers

Some people think being alone makes you lonely, but for me being surrounded by the wrong people–and negative people in particular. Negative thinkers will never do you any good, so stay far from them. You won’t achieve greatness if you surround yourself with negativity and people who aren’t going anywhere.

7. Not believing in yourself

Ruining Confidence

We all with an unconscious mind shape who we are by the thoughts we produce, and because some of those thoughts impose boundaries we set for ourselves, many of us have very inconsequential limits in life and achieve very inconsequential results. find what you’re incredible at and nurture those. Your confidence will rise incrementally.

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