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7 Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

While it’s true there are no products out there that will grow your hair overnight, there are some tips and tricks you can leverage to make your hair grow faster, naturally.

In this article, we’ll start by explaining how hair growth works, and then we’ll show you how to make hair grow faster.

There’s a lot of factors involved in the way your hair is groomed. But at the same time, hair is neither an essential tissue nor a vital organ. Your body never puts its nutritional needs ahead of the rest. So any nutritional imbalance would take a toll on your hair before anything else.

1| Eat Healthy

grow hair faster

Our hair reflects our overall health. So it’s no surprise that we need to eat the right things to look a certain way. A healthy diet can help your hair stay strong and shiny. What you eat also can keep you from losing your locks. If you’re not getting certain nutrients from food, you would possibly see the consequences in your hair. Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, play a key role in the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

For well-nurtured hair here are some of the must-haves for a regular diet: Water, Protein, Biotin, Vitamin C, and A Good Breakfast.

2| Avoid Very Cold Showers

Try not to shower with chilly water or at least try not to use it on your scalp. Cooler temperatures may constrict the capillaries on your scalp that carry nutrients and pick up waste products from the skin’s surface. As much as possible you want your blood vessels active to keep the hair cells in good condition.

To stay on the safe side – use lukewarm water when starting. Get your head soaked without giving it the shock of a sudden temperature change. When it’s time to rinse at the end, that’s when you can turn up the cold just a little bit.

3| Focus On Less Shampoo, More Conditioner

grow hair faster

It’s not safe to shampoo your hair every single day. Washing with shampoo can cause the hair to become drier and more brittle. Also, It’s best to avoid shampoos with high levels of detergents and sulfates, as they strip the hair and scalp of natural sebum and oils.

That greasiness that may not be acceptable to everyone is precisely what keeps your hair soft and shiny. If you don’t want your hair at any form of risk you shouldn’t strip the scalp of this oil. You want to use an excellent natural men’s hair conditioner every day, maintaining the ends of the hairs. It minimizes the risk of tangles, split ends, and breakage, meant to replace the natural oils washed away and keep the hair moist.

As for how often you should shampoo, it’s up to you. Everyone has a cycle of shampoo-less showers, and you decide whether your hair feels too greased up. But try not to shampoo daily and make sure you use a men’s shampoo with natural ingredients to avoid stripping your hair of its natural sebum oil, leaving you with brittle hair and a dry scalp.

4| Never Comb Your Hair While Dripping Wet

It’s best not to subject your hair to pulling or stretching whenever it is in its wettest state. That’s the time when it’s most vulnerable to split ends or breaking off. So I suggest you dry your hair with a towel before you gently use a comb or brush. Take your time doing this there’s quite a bit of moisture to remove. The drying part should be gentle as well no quick rubbing back and forth, significant for hair that’s already reached half the desired length.

5| Exercise Often

grow hair faster

Cells rely on oxygen to duplicate and stay healthy. Oxygen reaches every cell through fully operational blood circulation. So that’s why you want to maximize the supply to gain more healthy cells both in your scalp and in each hair follicle.

A half-hour cardio workout three times a week helps immensely which is the least to say. Along with that, make it a habit to massage your scalp from time to time to help shake up the hair cells into a slightly more vigorous state.

6| Chill Out (Reduce your Stress Levels)

A stressed state of mind is as big of a factor as the lack of physical health. The more you stress yourself out the more it can burden your brain. It won’t get to function like it does when you’re relaxed

The goal is to worry less. Let go of minor concerns whenever you can. Remember that anxiety can physically weaken the body including your hair cells. Figure out a way to burn the stress. You can try going out for a run or watching a sketch comedy on TV. And, make sure you have friends and family members to keep you company while you’re trying to recover from the recent situation.

7| Sleep Well

grow hair faster

Just like your diet, your sleeping habits have a point in how well your hair grows.
About 7-8 hours of sleep every night is ideal. It’s during these hours when the body is in constant repair mode.

That’s the window for growth hormones to come out and speed up cell reproduction. More sleep leads to more active scalp cells which in turn leads to more hair. Sleeping also increases blood circulation around your hair follicles. So think of exercise and hitting the sack as two activities that go hand-in-hand. A good workout pumps up the whole body, while sleep keeps the pumps going until the following day.

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