7 Tricks To Make Your Clothes Look Expensive

We are going to make you look like a million bucks even if you don’t have a ton of cash. Cheap clothes can be made to look expensive with just a few tweaks to your outfits.

People shell out a lot of money for the same outfit which can be bought on the cheap but be enhanced later. The ironic part is that you can look expensive even though it cost much less. Honestly, Don’t Look Broke!

1. Wear Nice Shoes

expensive clothes

It’s the easiest way to take your look to the next level. These can take average clothes and make them look luxurious and expensive. Shoes are the first thing a person notices in your outfit so make sure these are on point.

2. Invest in statement pieces

Always invests in outerwear. Nice jackets make you look high-end: bomber leather or nylon. Other than that, You can also rock a classic navy or black pea coat. Make sure it fits you perfectly.

3. Nail the fit & details

expensive clothes

You should have a suit built for you. In other words, Customize every detail with your tailors such as fabric and label. Specifically, go with functioning buttonholes & boutonniere, pick stitching, wide peak lapel, embroidery, side tabs instead of belt loops.

4. Go solid basic pockets with your jeans

These are clean and timeless. And, No one really likes to see the bling on your pair of jeans and honestly, it can be considered as you are just trying too hard.

5. Cut out your tags

Just grab a razor blade to remove the tags present on back pocket if pants or the collar if it is an upper-body cloth. Carefully, cut them out and you shouldn’t just rip them out as you can pop a thread and make a hole in the garment.

6. Hang or layout dry your clothing

You shouldn’t dry your clothes in the dryer as the heat from the dryer can seriously damage the cloth. Instead, Hang dry them. One dry, you can soften your clothes a bit in the dryer.

7. Accessorize

An accessory can really enhance the look of your outfit. Also, These can be sunglasses, beaded bracelets, cuffs, watches or rings.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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