8 Beard Styles for Men

Beards and mustaches are experiencing a cultural rebirth in the west over the last decade. While it’s not for everyone, the right style for the right face shape can give a man a nudge toward a more rugged and deliberate look. Here are some beard styles for men.

Beard Styles for Men:

1| The Short Beard

Short Beard styles for men

For men who are proud of their face shape, it’s particularly useful as it gives the appearance of a full beard without detracting from their natural features. Though it’s generally a few steps above stubble, it’s highly modifiable.

2| The Uniform Style

uniform beard style for men

This men’s facial hairstyle is usually just a step up in length from stubble. The uniform style is great for oval, square, and round faces as it accentuates a little edge.

3| Stubble

stubble beard style for men

Out of all the looks in this list, stubble is the easiest to cultivate. All a man needs to do is wait a few days (usually 5), and proceed upon maintenance with a simple run of a clipper. The best part? It works for all face shapes and situations.

4| The Full Goatee

goatee beard style for men

It’s simply a mustache and goatee that are connected. It’s great for guys who want to conceal their jawline – especially those with square faces.

5| The Bandholz Beard or Full Beard

Bandholz beard

It holds a strong resemblance to the Garibaldi (Which I’ll talk about further down) in that a full mustache connects to a fuller beard. However, while the Garibaldi is round and stops at the 7-inch mark, the Bandholz isn’t beholden to length.

6| The Beardstache

beardstache beard

It consists of a full-length mustache as the focus while the beard itself is trimmed to stubble. The Beardstache works best with men who have a long philtrum – the skin between the nose and the upper lip – to allow for the growth of a more robust ‘stache.

7| The Faded Beard

Faded beard style for men

As the facial hair gradually fades into the skin, it produces a blending effect. These can start anywhere from halfway down the beard to the sideburn.

8| The Garibaldi

Garibaldi beard style for men

This fuller look is comprised of a larger mustache and beard with a rounded bottom. In accordance with its first wearer, it typically stops at 7 inches. For men looking for a full beard to start with, the Garibaldi is a viable option as it looks good on all face shapes.

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