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8 Casual Style Mistakes Most Men Make Every Day

Dressing up the right way may not be your strongest point but fashion blunders are a thing and men need to pay great attention to their personal style. and if you have been committing any of them, believe us, you are constantly being looked at. Unlike socks with sandals or semi-formal outfit mistakes, there are others that are less obvious and yet they get noticed.

So to save yourself from all the ‘less obvious’ mistakes take a look down at the article:

Not Inspecting Denim After Wearing Them

You shouldn’t wash your jeans every day or after every wear, but you do need to inspect the front and back of your jeans. As well as, Give it a sniff test and if it stinks it should be thrown in the washer.

Wearing Too Short Shirts

A shirt that’s is a little too short will show some skin when you are trying to lift your shoulders. Stop the crop by buying higher quality shirts. Also, look for pre-shrunk tees. Last, don’t put your shirts into the dryer.

Trying To Be A Hypebeast

Men style

Focusing solely on brands and labels plastered all over you is only going to send the signal that you’re dressing for the wrong reasons. Be judicious in your brand choices and know that understated is always going to look good.

Wearing Big, Baggy Sweatpants

Men style

Sweatpants or athleisure keep us comfortable but that doesn’t mean they should not look good. These should be well-fit and tapered.

Inappropriate Pairing

Pairing the blue denim jacket with blue and black jeans. You can also pair with chinos and camo pants.

Buying All Statement Items

This is a problem for most men looking to dress better, but more often with younger men because I notice they confuse fashion with style. Fashion pieces can be loud and make a statement, but that doesn’t make you stylish. Here or there, sure, it’s fine, but it’s important to always have basic, foundational items that are stylish and versatile as well.

Tearing Tags

The fastest way to ruin your clothes after buying them is to directly tear the tag. You can pull the seam, which can lead to the seams to be torn. Use a razor or scissor instead of pulling.

Not Hanging Shirts Properly

Shoulder nipples will happen. Instead, fold in half & match the sleeves to get the wrinkles out. Grab the hanger and lay over the hanger.

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