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8 Things That Make Men Look Insecure | Self-Improvement

Even the most perfect man on earth can have insecurities, something that even a whole lot of self-improvement books cannot fix. But some don’t even have an idea how their insecurities may look to others. And that needs to change or at least move towards something better.

1| Getting Jealous Easily

Whether it’s related to work or to a relationship, getting jealous may show more than just your anger. It can also show off your insecurities to the people closest to you. And, it’s what leads to the destruction of even the strongest of the relationships.

2| Lying

Telling a little fib here and there doesn’t make you a terrible person also said by a lot of self-improvement books, but there’s a pretty broad spectrum when it comes to lying. People lie in relationships to save face, avoid conflict, protect their egos, protect their image, and just to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings any type of lies (even white lies) which may make you look super insecure. There are zero reasons to lie.

3| Having A Big Or Over-Expensive Vehicle

Feeling the need to overcompensate can come at any age. It’s those who want to show the world outside their windshield they have the performance, power, and pay grade of someone who has done something with their lives.

Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t always translate well to the gawkers on street corners. While most people will surely salivate over a $100,000 sports car, they will be quick to make a few assumptions about the person behind the wheel, as well. Big-ticket purchases always raise the question of whether people are compensating for an area of their lives that’s lacking, and cars are almost always a dead giveaway.

4| Dealing With Hair Loss Poorly

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Many factors can lead to hair loss in men. From hormonal changes to various medical conditions, baldness can be triggered by many other reasons. It is a condition most common in men but can occur in women too. Hair loss is a process that may differ from person to person. For some, it can be gradual, while others may experience sudden loosening of hair and patches of baldness all over their head. Learn how to embrace it, play with your hairstyle. There are a lot of celebrities who look a lot better without hair than they would with hair.

5| Constantly Comparing Yourself To Others

On an intellectual level, I knew there were things that were great about me. But emotionally, I just couldn’t get there. By comparison, everything in my life seemed less than. I wasn’t as pretty nor as fun nor fearless nor as talented, I didn’t have as many friends, and I wasn’t as appealing to the opposite sex.

My confidence was taking a beating, and I felt truly worthless. All of these feelings were amplified by the guilt I had for feeling this way about a friend. I searched the internet far and wide for some practical advice I could use to help me get past these feelings.

6| Constantly Seeking Reassurance

It is natural to seek some reassurance when confronted with uncertainty. We want some feedback that our solution or thoughts are reasonable, rational, or otherwise good enough, or that we aren’t missing something obvious. Reassurance can help to calm a doubt, allay a worry, solidify a plan of action, or guide a decision.

This can take the form of endless internet “research,” repetitive checking behaviors, and, eventually, alienating friends and family with relentless reassurance-seeking conversations. They may try to cope with doubts through self-talk, but they become trapped in constant, looping internal “debates” in which “what ifs?” and “rational responses” alternate and never stop. However, It is hard to move away but should try to one step at a time.

7| Always Flashing Cash

Perceptions of opportunity and fairness are likely to play a bigger role in how people react. While it is true that if work hard and make money, you have the right to spend it however you want. But lavishly showing off in front of others without being empathetic, can make you look like a douche. Just like something I heard somewhere, “Overcompensating by making it rain makes him automatically makes him look like he’s a tiny, scared bird”.

8| Not Sharing Opinion

We all have our own opinions on politics, religion, relationships, and so on. Offhand conversations no longer circle with ease around the water cooler at work. We take part in conversations about more serious issues and subject matters. I know In today’s world ever harder than ever it’s hard being able to share your opinion on anything without pissing someone off. But that doesn’t mean you should never offer your opinion. Explain or offer if someone asks. Don’t answer with ‘whatever or ‘I don’t know.’ Your opinions matter — so speak up if you know something is not right.

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