7 Things EVERY GUY Needs In His Wardrobe (Fall)

Of all of the seasons, I think winter is the most favorable to try out different outfits. The best is to try different kinds of layering to make a whole new different outfit with the same pieces. Also, a lot of people prefer a monochrome look for the fall season and to achieve the best look this fall wardrobe that will work around any style and look you may want to go with.

These pieces are essentially selected for the fall(winter) season and may not be worn throughout the year.

Men’s Fall Weather Must-Haves:

1. Medium washed, lightly distressed, slim fit jeans

fall wardrobe

Darker jeans work well with cooler temperatures whereas bright colors or light washed jeans are not preferable for fall. In fact, A more neutral darker look may be the way to go.

2. Suede boots

fall wardrobe

Suede Boots give an outfit a different level of texture and richness. There are a lot of types of boots available to choose from but the main ones are Chelsea and Chukka. Also, these boots usually go with any outfit you want And can enhance the elegance of any outfit.

3. Light-weight, long sleeve polo sweater for fall wardrobe

fall wardrobe

A Long sleeve polo sweater can be paired with denim as well as slacks. And can add a little bit of class to any outfit.

4. Light-weight, turtle neck shirt or sweater

fall essentials

Turtlenecks are incredibly sexy and will receive lots of compliments. Although a lot of people are opposed to the idea of wearing a turtle neck, Some might say it’s boring but in reality, a turtle neck is a sexy, classy piece for the addition to their fall wardrobe.

5. Light-weight v-neck sweater for fall wardrobe

fall wardrobe

A patterned shirt layer with a great sweater is a great look. Although, you can wear some sweaters on their own without anything underneath. Also, these are great with denim as well as slacks.

6. Long-sleeve Henley

A henley is perfect with jeans and a casual wear staple. A man needs a henley in their wardrobe if he wants to complete his collection.

7. Light-weight bomber jacket for fall wardrobe

Finally, A bomber jacket with a tee-shirt, Henley, or turtleneck. This jacket is as versatile as it is good looking. Hence, you can it with anything you want and it will still look good.

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