Grooming Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

Style is something that you wear and how you wear it whereas grooming is how you present your body. Even the most stylish men can leave grooming as an afterthought. However, just as people notice your clothing they also notice your hair, skin, and appearance. In this guide, we’re going to discuss the top 9 men’s grooming mistakes to avoid.

1. Not showering at least once a day

grooming mistakes

Thinking you don’t need to shower at least once a day is ignorant. You need to get rid of all the dirt, smell and bacterias that you’re accumulated throughout the day. However, Don’t shower longer than 10-minutes or else you will dry out your skin.

2. Using too much cologne/body spray

The amount of fragrance should be always appropriate neither too much nor too little. Always, Put the fragrance on your body rather than on your clothes. Or, You can just stick to the 3-Spray rule to put the fragrance on neck, chest, and underarms.

3. Not Properly Washing Your Face Twice a Day

grooming mistakes

You need to properly wash your face two times a day to remove dirt, oil, sebum, and gunk in order to prevent breakouts and blemishes. And, Living with acne is tough, speaking from my own experience.

4. Not using a facial moisturizer daily

If you clean your face, you need to always moisturize. Moisturizing can:

  1. Prevent Dryness
  2. Slow the Signs of Aging
  3. Help Fight Acne
  4. Give Protection From The Sun

In the morning use a moisturizer with SPF20+. At bedtime use one with anti-aging ingredients. One of the biggest grooming mistakes people make is to take moisturizing as optional whereas it may be the most important when it comes to skincare.

5. Poor oral hygiene

grooming mistakes

Take care of your teeth. Brush, floss, mouthwash. If you have braces, make sure to get food out of them. Some rules to keep in mind for taking care of oral hygiene:

1. Don’t wait longer than 12 hours after a meal to brush, especially if it was a high-sugar meal. That leads to plaque.

2. Wash and rinse your toothbrush after brushing and leave it where it’ll dry quickly so bacteria can’t accumulate.

3. Use the proper brushing techniques. Brush with circular motions. And, brush for a full two minutes.

4. Floss at least once a day.

5. Visit a dentist every six months to have your teeth cleaned and polished.

6. Using too much hair product

Use little product so that your hair is not weighted-down and looks greasy. Also, emulsify the product before putting it in. Greasy hair is just unpleasant to look at. Else, You can use hair grooming tricks if you would like to.

7. Ugly Nails

Grooming mistakes

Keep your nails and hands looking good. Your nails let people know how you keep your body and hows your grooming game. Hands make gestures, hold glasses and silverware, and shake other people’s hands, so they are frequently a point of focus. Keeping your nails healthy and neat will render them neutral, and they then offer a clean canvas free of distractions to those around you.

8. Over plucked, tweezed, or waxed eyebrows

Firstly, You have to let your eyebrows grow and then clean them up. Unruly eyebrows can mess with your facial symmetry and draw attention away from your eyes both big hits to your overall good looks.

9. Stinky feet

Scrub your feet with soap, use a powder in your shoes, and stick shoes in the freezer to kill the bacteria growing in your shoes (place in a plastic bag before putting the shoes in the freezer).

So these were a few of the grooming mistakes every guy should avoid. And, Make yourself better every day by avoiding these.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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