10 Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know

Good grooming is an essential part of style, gentlemen. Don’t just go through the motions. Innovate. Save time, money, and your look – by giving these men grooming tips a try.

1| Nail Grooming tips

If you’re using clippers or a file, you want your nails to be hard. Do it before your shower.

Man Grooming tips

As I’ve mentioned before, clippers are pretty hard on men’s fingernails and difficult to achieve a neat look with. Filing is better. Your best option by far is nail scissors . Their sharper edge will give you unmatched precision on a shower-softened nail.

2| Powder The Manly ‘Area’

Man Grooming tips

It doesn’t matter how sharp you look if you smell like ball sweat. Or if you have a puddle of ass sweat on the seat of your pants. Even if you’re lucky and nobody catches a whiff of you – when YOU know you smell it affects your confidence so much that women rate you as less attractive. These men grooming tips can be very helpful for you. Ball powder keeps you dry and fresh-smelling where it counts. Avoid powders with talc (which can cause cancer) or menthol. Also, steer clear of powders that turn into a paste with sweat.

3| Take Cold Showers

Man Grooming tips

This grooming tip works even better in winter. Cool or cold showers may not exactly be a treat, but they’re less irritating to the skin. This is especially true in the winter and for those who get dry skin easily.

You’ll also be in and out of a cold shower way faster. This gives you more time to spend polishing your appearance overall.

4| Wash Your Hair Less

Man Grooming tips

Frequent shampooing is necessary for most because hair collects dirt and sweat. The soap in shampoo, however, is very drying – and it can cause your hair to look dull, frizzy, or straw-like. If your hair is unmanageable, washing too frequently may be to blame. Try shampooing every other day.

5| Shave Back Of Your Neck

Shaving the back of your neck once a week can add a week or more to your time between barber visits. Save money – and time in the chair getting your hair cut. Ideally, you’ll want to use a trimmer – smaller than a clipper and specifically designed to trim your hairline. If you do use a razor on the back of your neck, remember to use shave cream to avoid razor burn. Use a handheld mirror to see what you’re doing, and follow your natural hairline. Don’t push it up too far or create hard lines – they tend to grow out unnaturally.

6| Itchy Beard Grooming tips

Men Grooming tips

Got an itch in your beard that just won’t go away luckily there’s a simple solution – condition your beard along with your hair when you shower. Leave the conditioner in for a few minutes and then rinse. Moisturized beard hair is MUCH less itchy.

7| Substitute For Shaving Cream

In a real pinch you can just use soap, but conditioner or cooking oil will dry your skin far less. You only need about a teaspoon to get the job done. Just rub it onto your face in circular motions and shave as usual. Then rinse off any excess.

8| Substitute For Conditioner

Hair and beard conditioner are important to your grooming routine because – as I said before – shampoo is drying and strips the natural oils from the hairs. You may find yourself without conditioner though – especially if you’re traveling. Use hand or body cream or lotion – it contains many of the same ingredients. If you’ve got a choice, look for a lotion that’s a similar thickness to the conditioner you usually use (for instance – if you usually use a liquid conditioner designed for fine hair, a heavy body cream may weigh your hair down too much).

9| When You Don’t Have Toothpaste

This is another quick fix grooming tip for emergencies. Don’t skip brushing your teeth the morning before an interview or big presentation just because you’ve run out of toothpaste. Baking soda whitens your teeth and cleans your mouth almost as well as conventional toothpaste. Mix 1/2 teaspoon with a bit of water and apply it to your teeth with your toothbrush or finger.

10| Eyebrow Grooming tips

Unruly eyebrows can mess with your facial symmetry and draw attention away from your eyes. Hair gel works fine if you want to keep it in place. You only need a tiny bit though – if you try to use even a fingertip-sized glob you’ll get an eye full.

Thank you for your time.

If you want to watch a video for more tips, Check out Alpha M.

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    So true! The importance of men’s grooming is of equal proportion as that of women. Men too need to take personal grooming seriously and this article is of great help for someone who is looking for a daily grooming routine.

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