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How To Be Confident Without Looking Arrogant

There’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant and you need to tread keeping that in mind, whereas some may take your self-assurance as arrogance you shouldn’t let of humility. Here’s how to be confident:

Stop Flexing

I know you like to show off your high-end sneakers, or your expensive rig, I get that. But, showing off those things only feeds your insecurities. I mean, you show off less when you feel good about yourself, stop seeking approval, you will lead a happier life.

Tactically Humble Brag

Ask other people questions first so you don’t sound boastful and don’t forget to sound genuinely interested and ask follow-up questions. You need to make them feel that you’re engaged in the conversation. Then, You can slip in anything you want to brag about.

Surround Yourself With Real People

Surround Yourself With Real people who can call you on your BS. Sometimes, People can be full of themselves and they start to believe your own hype, And to avoid this you need people to call you on your crap. Even if it sounds harsh, they keep you humble. But, Know the difference between constructive criticism and straight-up toxic behavior. In the case of toxic people, Run away from them.

Dress Stylish Not Flashy

how to be confident

Dressing well can really help lift up your confidence. And, Style is subjective, To each his own, some like minimal while others are loud. And, all of that’s fine as long as you keep it under the limit. Dress with style rather than going for flash and flare. Specifically, Those weird big shoes or outrageous tent-like clothing, Stay away from these.

Use Confident Body Language

how to be confident

Not always the power pose, but aggressive handshaking, walking with the chest up, or sitting super shoulders up. You always need to look active and attentive. Don’t make closed-off body language signals like crossing your arms or legs or a stern look on your face. You need a smirk that’s all. You need to look concentrated and engaged, yet approachable.

Sandeep is a great enthusiast of all things of fine taste. He has been a style enthusiast his whole life and had spent a lot of time to research about fitness, style and grooming.

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    Good article on man’s behaviour. There is lack of grooming concepts in man’s world.
    No one is taking about development of men’s style and behaviours.

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