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Men’s Essentials: How to Wear The Fleece Jacket

A soft, fleece layer is a must for any winter wardrobe—that’s why the Men’s Fleece Jacket exists. It is a winter-ready staple is the ultimate warmth provider and everyday style piece.

What Is Fleece?

The greatest appeal of fleece has always been its warmth, despite being incredibly light in weight. Moreover, It is an entirely man-made fabric. It’s derived from plastic in which polyester fibers are woven tightly together. And, brushed to create a pile-like surface.

Not only does this give it a soft, textured feel, it also helps with fleece’s heat-retention and moisture-resistance – air pockets are trapped between the fibers meaning the heat generated by your body stays put.

You can never go wrong with a white t-shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, and a fleece jacket. This outfit is not just simple but also can make people look.

This is one of my favorites. A brown fleece jacket that gives your whole casual look a little bit of elegance. This outfit is easy to create and you can also make it your own however you like.

One of the easiest ways of wearing fleece is as part of a minimal look. Pick a jacket in an inoffensive color jacket and give it room to breathe by pairing it with simple pieces such as a white tee and black chinos. Go for a classic zip-up pull over and let the fleece fabric work its magic in the cold.

With its voluminous proportions and tactile finish, fleece is arguably at its best when it’s a statement piece. The fabric is naturally a little showy, reminiscent as it is of sheepskin or fur, so embrace it. Go down the chunky route with a thick or slightly padded fleece jacket and say goodbye to the cold forever. Wear with equally robust staples such as corduroy trousers, a roll neck, and white trainers and you’ll be onto a winner.

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