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Men’s Lifestyle: 10 Things That Make You Unattractive

Have you wonder why aren’t you able to retain the physical and mental charm that you had before. Why are you losing your ‘attractiveness’ slowly? What are the various factors that can slowly make you unattractive? Here are some of the bad habits of men’s lifestyle we found for you:

Peer Pressure

Don’t be a pushover, know what you like, Never follow the herd. you need to stick up for yourself. Like for instance, if you don’t want to go out with your friends and drink, don’t let them pressure you to do something that you don’t want. Have the courage to say ‘No’ when needed to.

Drinking Too Much

Men's Lifestyle

Overindulging into alcohol will dehydrate you which takes a toll onto your skin. Dehydration leads to overeating which results in you gaining a lot of weight very quickly.


It prematurely ages your face and skin. And, It has a lot of health risks. Smokers are more likely to develop heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer

Not Using Proper Products For Your Body

You shouldn’t use a body wash or bar soap on your face. The skin of your face is different from your body’s skin. These products can be harsh on your face’s skin. Similarly, Different specific products should be used for different parts of your body.

Using The Same Blade for Weeks

Not replacing your shaving blade on a weekly basis is bad for your hygiene. You can increase the risk of bacteria and infection as well as razor bumps, burns, and ingrown hair.

The Sun

Men's Lifestyle

The rays from the sun can be pretty harsh for your skin. these rays are beating down on you unless you protect yourself daily with at least SPF 20. UV light for the sun damages collagen and elastic tissue in the skin, so it becomes fragile and does not spring back into shape, causing sagging. In layman’s terms, it causes you to age quickly by making by increasing the speed of wrinkles appearing on your face.

Bad Eating Habits

One of the worst things in men’s lifestyle is having bad eating habits(Junk food and nothing healthy). The better your eating habits the better you look. There‚Äôs a direct correlation between eating healthy and looking incredible. Not to mention, the amazing affect easting right has on you psychologically. Give your body what it needs to stay handsome, fit, and it will thank you for it.

Bad Table Manners

Basic table manners are a necessity for a man of this age. No one likes to see you eat like a savage. And, you should also have a clear sense of phone etiquettes. Use a napkin and utensils and chew with your mouth closed.

Staying Up Late

Men's Lifestyle

We can blame technology on this. Our night habits have never been more dysfunctional. Staying up too late can lead to fatigue and not to mention the amount of time we lose by not being on top of our game the next day. Also, Lack of sleep causes bags under your eyes and make you gain weight drastically.

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