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Things You Must Do At Night: Routine For Better Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Sleep affects your mood: it affects your memory, affects your physical performance. And, To have the perfect sleep you need a perfect night routine which helps you to prepare your body and for productive next morning. In fact, go look at the routines of the top athletes in the world and you’re going to see that they nap, they sleep a lot.

So let’s take a look at the routine:

1. Acknowledge Your Wins

night routine

Write down your ‘wins of the day’ before you go to sleep. This could be anything from a completed project to a wonderful cup of tea. Anything that makes you smile. Remembering it and reliving the feelings just before you go to sleep will help you to sleep better and wake up feeling great.

2. Clear Your Head

It’s easy to take your work to bed, making it difficult to fall asleep as you mull over job-related problems. Clearing your head before sleep allows you to put aside the challenges of the day and ready your mind to shut down. There are numerous ways to do this, including:

  • Meditation
  • Light reading
  • Watching a television show(I suggest comedy)

3. Use a Skincare Routine

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If you have been our regular reader then you must know the value of having a great routine for having great skin. Create a routine that suits you and your skin type. Furthermore, Using the right products on his face at night has made a huge difference to the health of your skin.

4. Avoid Electronic Devices In Your Room

If you allow electronic devices into your room, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Phones contain apps(Social Media) that are solely created for keeping you engaged at all times. Also, If you use it for alarms, I suggest getting an alarm clock. You will get notifications. You’ll forget that you signed up for this new app and it’s sending notifications all night, no matter what much effort you put in to not pick up your phone. You will do it anyway.

5. Consume Protein-Rich Foods

night routine

Nutrition plays an important part in your night routine as several studies indicate that consuming protein supplements before bed can be good for increased muscle protein synthesis. Some athletes have adopted a nutritional strategy of consuming a protein shake before sleep to help prevent muscle breakdown.

A study found that protein before sleep increases overnight muscle protein synthesis rates in healthy older men. In this, Protein taken before sleep is properly digested and absorbed throughout the night. Hence, these findings provide the basis for a nutritional strategy to support muscle mass preservation in aging and disease.

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