How To Create A Great Outfit – A Guide for Men

Workaround one item

A good way to make putting your outfit together easier is to pick one item and craft the entire outfit around that item like in this outfit guide we have build for you. Usually the specific item is one of the statement pieces, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • If you’re looking to showcase a new watch, wear a plain, neutral shirt with a colour that highlights your watch. so that the watch can be seen. Pair this with jeans and a pair of nice sneakers/boots. This way the watch acts as the most important part of the outfit with nothing to draw attention away from it.
Outfit Guide
Maintaining you closet

Pick your ‘uniform

This means find the two or three basic ensembles you like to wear and put together outfit using guide and these as bases, while you mix things up a little. These will be the outfits that you feel most comfortable in.

  • You could find that you tend towards an ensemble of jeans (black and denim), a few different t-shirts (both long and short sleeve) with varying footwear (for instance, you could dress the outfit up with a pair of ankle boots or some sneakers). If you wear a lot of jeans you could mix things up a bit by rolling up the cuffs (a good spring or summer variation).
Outfit guide

Think seasonal

You can change your wardrobe around as the seasons change. Save the warmer scarves and sweaters for fall and winter along with your warmer jackets.

  • Have boots work as your cool-weather footwear, white sneakers and loafers can be your warm-weather go-to’s.
  • Colors, too, can change depending on the season. In warmer parts of the wear, you could wear lighter colors to keep you cooler.

Look for outfit ideas

Look everywhere for outfit ideas at Pinterest boars, at what people are wearing as you’re out and about. These will give you ideas for what you can try out.

  • You don’t have to go out and buy all new things based on an outfit you saw online or on the street. Instead, go through your wardrobe and see what clothing you already own that you can use to recreate the look. This way you won’t be copying exactly, you’ll be putting your own style onto it

Try changing the outfits

This is the most important part of putting together outfits and especially in getting good at it. You have to try out different styles and clothes and outfits before you find the ones that you really like.

  • Only re-wear the outfits that you liked and that you felt comfortable and confident in. Comfort and confidence are the keys to looking good
outfit guide

Here are some outfit ideas we have found for you.

For the Do’s and Don’ts check out a youtube video by Aaron Marino.

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