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Anyone can pull off sneakers no matter what age is but only at the right time and place. Nowadays, Sneakers can be found in any menswear store. They come in an infinite number of styles and color options.

Sneakers were made because these were easy to make and could be afforded by the masses, so other companies saw the potential of the product. These were generated from sports shoes and some say these owe a lot of their success to basketball.

1| Can Be Worn by Anyone


To be honest, I think sneakers are the most versatile shoes. To be contrary to the social views these can be worn by anyone and of any age. Anyone can wear them in the ‘right’ circumstances.

Since sneakers originated from sports shoes, they are functional above all else. You can wear them to the gym or when playing sports, as they are still at their core athletic shoes, and they are perfect when doing lighter physical activities.

Younger guys may get away with wearing them in most scenarios, which brings me to my next point.

2. Dress According To The Occasion


The shoes you decide to wear can make or break the formality of your outfit, so it’s important to understand – sneakers are always casual.

Remember you can wear these with a suit but these will make the overall look casual. So if you want to go for a business casual look these should be your goto piece.

If you want to go a little dressy always avoid these. Sneakers were not meant for wear for a formal occasion.

3. Make Sure Your Sneakers Are Clean


Sneaker lovers may tell you that dirty, worn-out kicks add a little bit of character to your outfit. Sneakers are harder to clean when compared to your leather shoes.

This also leaves you with the risk of damaging the material if you attempt to clean it the wrong way.

The majority of sneakers feature a white sole. These get dirty over time – so if you want something that’s low maintenance consider a pair where the sole matches the color of the in a color other than white. If not kept well even the most expensive shoes can look bad always keep that in mind.

4. How to Pair Sneakers

Sneakers are casual so they look best when paired with casual bottoms

  • Shorts:
    • Since shorts are the most casual bottoms, any color sneakers will go well with them, and keep the casual look.
    • Low Tops – with no-show socks – work best with shorts.
  • Chinos:
    • Lots of options with these due to the wide array of colors.
    • Pay attention to the leg opening – if it’s too wide – it might cover the sneaker.
    • These look great with both High Tops and Low Tops. The different types of leg openings on jeans.
  • Jeans:
    • Pair it up with a solid color V-neck, t-shirt or sweater, to complete great casual apparel.
    • Boost the look even further by adding a lightweight jacket for a well-layered outfit.
    • Pay attention to the contrast between the jeans and sneakers.

5. What Colours to Pair with


The main thing to consider is contrast, which is whether or not you want your sneakers to be the center of attention:

  • To show off your footwear or pants, Mismatch these items.
  • If you want the upper part of your outfit to draw attention, Match your pants to your shoes.

Pick a color that’s most versatile – based on your setting and occasion.

White sneakers are very versatile. They go with any colors you put them with.

6. Seasonal Outfits

You can fit colors of your sneakers to the season you’re in:

  • For brighter summer days going for lighter colored clothing is always a good idea. These colors make your outfit pop and attract attention.
  • For the cold seasons – Go for the darker combinations. A monochrome outfit should be your go-to. Avoid any king of bright colors in the winter.

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