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Rules For Wearing A Watch| How to Wear A Watch

Watches are the accessories that can make or break an outfit. Some may say these are the most noticeable part of an outfit. These not only enhance your outfit but also can elevate your style. So without any further wait here are Rules you should keep in mind while selecting your watch for your outfit.

1. Match your metals & colors

Try and match the metals and the colors of the watch to the rest of the outfiyou have on. Note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, collar bars or pins, and cufflinks and choose a watch in matching metal. Wear yellow gold with yellow gold, and don’t wear a brown band when you’re wearing a black suit. Focus specifically on the boldest parts of the watch; the color of the strap, the color of metal and even the color of the dial

2. The oversized watch is over

For a watch enthusiast, those large dials are nothing more than for show. If you want to be taken seriously in the world of horology, stick to watches that fit your wrist.

3. Make it fit

Like any other garment or accessory, your watch should fit you properly in two key ways. The size of the dial should be proportional to your wrist, and the band should fit snugly but comfortably. A loose band looks sloppy, so take it to your jeweler to have it sized to your wrist.

4. Don’t wear the same watch every day

Regardless of your budget, if you love wearing a watch, try building up a small collection of reputable watches that suit all the various needs you have during the week, and give your favorite piece the occasional break.

5. Wear dark with dark, and light with light

If you’re out during the day to consider a lighter colored face such as white or cream. However, at night focus on darker dials such as black, grey or browns. A dark watch dial should be on your wrist at night.

P.S. – These watch rules should get stuck in your mind for getting the perfect outfit.

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