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Smartwatches for Men| Best Smartwatch

A watch that used to be nothing else than a magnificent piece of metal is evolving with time in the form of a smartwatch. The watch that just used to mechanical craft used to tell only time has morphed into a fitness tracker and mini-phone that can be used from texting to call someone. A watch was and still is a very important part of an outfit. So let’s take a look and find some of the best-looking and feature-packed smartwatches.

1| Apple Watch

Man wearing Apple Watch

When you think about smartwatches there is one product that has synonymous with this that is Apple Watch. These are sleek, elegant, and look great on your wrist. Not only that these are great to track your regiment as well as BP, blood oxygen level, etc. The square-shaped has become everyone’s go-to smartwatch.

2| Samsung Galaxy Watch


If you are an android user there is only one watch that first comes to mind that is the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It is also sleek, elegant and has a metallic case in a circular body that catches your eye from anywhere. These are feature-packed as well as offer the same functionalities as an Apple Watch.

3| Fossil Smartwatch


The watch manufacturer’s entry into the smartwatch market has not gone unnoticed. These produce very high-quality and functional watches with a fine interface based on Wear OS. These watches mainly focus on styling that’s not a bad thing. These are perfect for any formal as well as casual wear.

4| Fitbit Sense


The Fitbit Sense is the company’s top-shelf smartwatch that comes with more advanced health and wellness features than the Versa line. Not only does it have an FDA-approved ECG sensor and blood oxygen reading, but the Sense has the ability to measure electrodermal activity and skin temperature, too.

5| Garmin Vivoactive


The Vivoactive 4 also offers animated on-screen yoga and Pilates workouts to help you improve your poses. A new pulse ox sensor measures your blood oxygen level and gives you more detailed sleep insights. All of that plus 7-day battery life makes the Vivoactive 4 our favorite smartwatch for fitness buffs.

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