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Style Guide: How to Look Rich On a Budget

Look rich on a budget? The truth is that you don’t really need to have a million dollars in your bank to look rich. All you need are some minor tweaks to your style and grooming games.

1. Set A Higher Standard For Your Outfits

look rich

By setting a higher standard for your outfit I mean to invest in your own personal brand. Also, the combination of clothing and accessories could be key to how people associate with you.

In other words, You need to ditch the cargo shorts and baggy jeans, all that can drop your style quotient. Rather, Go for a well-fit dress shirt and a nice pair of trousers.

2. Wait For Two Weeks Between Haircuts

I have always advised you to create a routine for your whole style routine and haircuts are a crucial part of that. Two weeks is the perfect time to wait between your haircuts because at this time your hair starts to grow back but it’s not too long.

If you stick to this, then no one will ever catch you looking even slightly off your game. When it comes to looking rich, a simple haircut goes a long way.

3. Daily Facial Grooming For Men


If you’re neglecting skincare, you’re making a serious mistake. It’s easy to implement you don’t see results right away, and it takes time out of your day.

At the same time though, a regimented skincare routine can make a huge difference in your appearance over the course of a short period. Your face will look renewed and you’ll have less acne.

4. Never Wear Wrinkled Clothes

One of the worst things a man can do to ruin his image is to wear wrinkled clothes. The best thing a man can do to look rich is to avoid wrinkled clothes.

Also, Hang your clothes properly so they don’t get wrinkled easily, avoid putting them straight on a chair.

5. Invest In A Watch

When it comes to sending a clear message of power and style, nothing matches a quality watch. Even if you have just one, people will remember you better for it.

You don’t want to go spending a lot of money, but strongly consider a firm investment in this area the service a watch can do you is not to be underestimated and it lets people know that you are a very responsible person.

A watch is:

  • Timeless.
  • Convenient.
  • A tool to keep you from your phone.
  • Something women WILL notice.

6. Prioritize Shoe Quality

Shoes are one of the first things a person pays attention to when they look at you. You should consider spending a decent amount of cash on a great pair of dress shoes or boots. Like watches, they draw attention that can make or break a first impression.

Buying cheap shoes not only look bad, but they’ll break sooner rather than later. Before you know it, you ended up paying for more than a great pair would have cost you.

7. Practice Proper Shoe Care

how to look rich

Just having a great pair of shoes will not be enough, You should be able to take care of them too. Always take the time to shine your shoes well.

Quality leather will last you a lifetime, but you need to care for them correctly.

8. Invest In Some Outerwear

Jackets are not only practical tools to protect you from the elements, but they are also powerful style pieces.

Whether it be a sport coat or a casual bomber, the right jacket will speak volumes about your uniform and personal style – foremost being that you care about looking good.

Even a well-fitted denim jacket will greatly upgrade your look.

Furthermore, jackets can really help in emphasizing the best parts of your body. Pockets will really bring out your chest while texturing on the shoulders will bring those out too.

9. Watch Out for Natural Fabrics

Linen Shirt

Manmade clothes do not absorb moisture which leads to absorbing sweat and that makes you look sloppy. These clothes are hard to sow too, which leads to looser seams.

Whereas Natural fabrics are more comfortable than synthetic fabrics, it keeps your body cool and does not cause any kind of skin irritation.

10. Embrace Your Signature Scent

There’s so much complexity and choice when it comes to fragrance just know that there are hundreds of quality fragrances that fall well within a person’s budget just try some out and find the one that suits you the best.

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