5 Style Mistakes That Men Commonly Make

We have heard about the bizarre trends and flashy outfits that may seem to look good for some short time but they can be a pain for the long term to avoid these style mistakes we present you our list of style ‘sins’.

Some minor style mistakes are so important that they can ruin your whole outfit with just one simple mistake.

1| Mistaking pleather for leather

Pleather is a cheap substitute for leather, Commonly made from polyurethane. Gents do yourself a favor and choose the real deal and trust me you will not ever regret it.

2| Wearing black shirts

Blackshirts must never be worn because they discolor quickly around the collar and cuffs. These usually end up for 9-11 wears only.

3| Not Paying attention to accessories

Adding a watch or a great belt can make your outfit outstanding. You just have to pay attention to the details of your outfit i.e. Colour of leathers.

4|Buying Printed branded T-Shirts

Wearing a printed T-shirt is out of style and also they look hideous. Instead, Go for simple solid-colored t-shirts, they not only make you look but mature too.

5| Ignoring the importance of quality fabrics

Style mistakes

Always treat yourself with quality fabrics, You deserve it. You shouldn’t neglect this mistake.

That’s all, Gents.

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