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10 Luxury Watches That Are Worth The Price

Watches are more than just accessories for men. Each piece tells a story about who you are, who you want to be and how you should be treated.

Watches play a significant role in constructing your outfit of men. Having the right watch for the right attire is very important. These also tells people what your status is, what you have achieved and how you take care of yourself. Trust me these one of the mot important things a person can invest in.

These don’t have to luxury watches or cost more than a car but these should be elegant, more inclined to elegance because that makes a watch worth having.

All of ‘smart’ watches are overrated as compared to these beautiful craftsmanship done by human hands. No smartwatch can come across the amount of hope, feeling and depth that goes into building these magnificent works of hand.

Watches has been around for a centuries but these are the watches that made them being a luxury item rather than just an accessory. These are the pieces set us apart, make us feel special and gave us pride in owning something.

Here are 10 watches that worth taking a look at:

1| Patek Philippe Calatrava 

2| Rolex GMT Submariner

3| Rolex Seamaster Daytona

4| Rolex GMT-Master II 

Watches men

5|Patek Philippe Nautilus

watches men

6| Rolex Datejust

7| Omega Speedmaster

watches men

8| Omega Seamaster

9| Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea

watches men

10| Rolex Sky-Dweller

Hope you find watches as fascinating as I find them to be.

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